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Table 1 Delirium Awareness Podcast Running Order

From: Evaluation of a delirium awareness podcast for undergraduate nursing students in Northern Ireland: a pre−/post-test study

Core Section Themes
1. What is Delirium? ▪ A Personal Account of Delirium (Hospital-Based)
▪ Background to Delirium
▪ Prevalence of Delirium
▪ Symptoms of Delirium
▪ Types of Delirium
▪ A Personal Account of Delirium (Care Home-Based)
▪ Delirium vs. Dementia
▪ Causes of Delirium
▪ Environmental Factors
2. Recognition of Delirium ▪ NICE Recommendations on Assessment and Diagnosis of Delirium.
▪ The 4 A’s Test
3. Management of Delirium ▪ The Lived Experience of Delirium
▪ Nursing Management of Delirium
▪ Prevention of Delirium
4. Conclusion ▪ Summary and Close