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Table 1 Main study themes and examples of codes per thematic area. *indicates emergent code

From: Post-trial perceptions of a symptom-based TB screening intervention in South Africa: implementation insights and future directions for TB preventive healthcare services

Study Themes Example of Study Codes
1. Nurse experiences with symptom-based TB screening: mixed opinions • Challenges with symptom screening
• Comfort using symptom screening
• Challenges with tuberculin skin tests
• Symptom screening process
• Diagnostic tests used in the TB process
• *Consequences of missing a case of TB
• *TB patient mobility
2. Implementation experiences: willingness to adopt new clinical records and processes • Positive descriptions of register
• Positive descriptions of child contact record
• Register use
• Child contact record use
• Plans to use child contact record in future
3. On-going challenges: barriers and solutions to optimizing screening of child TB contacts • Challenges/barriers to screening
• Health systems challenges for screening
• Suggestions for job improvements to improve screening
• Role of nurses in screening
• Time management
• Job demands that inhibit screening
• Strategies to identify contacts
• Which children get screened
• *Consequences of missing a case of TB
• *Nurse views on their role in identifying and screening