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Table 1 Emerging Themes, Subthemes and Codes

From: Nurses’ and midwives’ perspectives on participation in national policy development, review and reforms in Ghana: a qualitative study

Theme Subthemes Codes
Participation in national health policy development Nurses and midwives being overlooked and unacknowledged All doctors
Seek inputs
Not recognized
Not mentioned
Seek opinions
Not named
Etic and emic of nurses Not knowledgeable
Not intelligent
Least knowledgeable
No impact
Not recognized
No good material
Poor image
Historical image
Female dominated
Perspectives on policies that need reforms Pre-service preparation gap Few clinicians
Poor foundation
Strong collaboration
Eager to school
Being skillful
Interactive teaching
Inexperienced teachers
Practical exposure
Influence on admission into nursing schools Selection into schools
Student recruitment
Penetration into profession
Job opportunity
Political manipulation
Politics and nursing
Higher authority
Staff development and motivation mechanisms Leaders not nurses
Unfair treatments
Unrecognized certificates
Low salary
No study leave