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Table 1 Summary of the Educational Module (Themes, Content, and Teaching Strategies)

From: Implementation of an educational module on nosocomial infection control measures: a randomised hospital-based trial

Theme Content Teaching strategies
Unit one: Introduction Overview on NIs.
Point of care risk assessment.
Interactive lecture (slides), brainstorming and small group discussion
Unit Two: Prevention of person-to-person transmission Hand hygiene (HH).
Personal protective equipment (PPE).
Safe injection practices.
Interactive lecture with slides, small group discussion, group work assessment, short video demonstration followed by discussion, hands-on practice.
Unit Three: Prevention of transmission from the hospital environment Reprocessing of patient care equipment.
Routine hospital cleaning.
Safe linen handling.
Safe hospital waste handling and disposal.
Source control.
Interactive lecture with slides, small group discussion, video demonstration, role play, performance-based assessment
Summary and evaluation Module reflection Module evaluation and open discussion.