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Table 3 Alternative views on fathers’ caregiving role, code categories and examples

From: NICU and postpartum nurse perspectives on involving fathers in newborn care: a qualitative study

Code Examples
Father as equal partner (n = 6) “[Fathers] are one of the parents and it shouldn’t just be mom…The father is just as important in the family relationship.”
“It takes a village. They dynamics of what a mom does versus a dad, it’s different… [Children] need the support of both parents.”
“I treat dad just like I treat mom, because they are both caregivers.”
“Yes, because he’s a caregiver too. Just because mama gave birth, it’s his responsibility as much as hers.”
Father as secondary caregiver (n = 13) “[Fathers can] seek opportunities to get involved, like if the baby starts crying when mom is in the shower, what can he do.”
“I always say it’s important to help your wife as much as possible, because taking care of a baby is hard...”
“He can’t breastfeed, but mom can do that, and dads do diapering and stuff… [to] relieve mom of her duties.”
“Mom may feel more at ease, because if she has to go back to work, then dad can stay home with the baby. It’s important for mom to know she’s supported by dad and he knows what he’s doing in her absence.”
  1. Note: n = number of times the code was applied across all nurse interviews, multiple mentions by a single nurse were coded as separate instances