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Table 2 Theme, categories, and sub-categories extracted from data

From: Reflecting on the challenges encountered by nurses at the great Kermanshah earthquake: a qualitative study

Theme Category Subcategory
Nursing care challenges in earthquake Organizational and managerial 1. Insufficient coordination among health team members
2. Lack of unity in command
3. Inadequate Organizational Management
Human resources 1.Weakness in provision of occupational health for the nurses
2. Poor management of volunteers
3. Lack of uniforms for health workers
4. Nurses’ concern for their own families
Infrastructure 1. Communication disruption
2. Vulnerability of local health facilities
3. Difficult access
Educational preparations 1. Nurses’ poor knowledge in the field of disaster
2. Lack of comprehensive training program
Ethical 1. Ethical challenges related to prioritizing injured
2.Ethical challenges due to lack of resources