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Table 2 Table of themes, categories and codes

From: Emotion management and stereotypes about emotions among male nurses: a qualitative study

Theme Stereotypes in the emotional aspects of care
Codes ▪ Nursing is a women’s profession
▪ Care is associated with females
▪ Comfort can be offered in different ways
▪ Innate characteristics of women: sweetness, the use of touch in care
▪ Naturally acquired maternal role
▪ More relaxed male nurses’ attitude in the therapeutic relationship
▪ Male nurses show their emotional needs less
Theme Emotion management strategies
Category Emotional distancing Setting boundaries Relativising problems Using distraction and humour
Codes ▪ Not feeling part of the work environment
▪ Getting involved is harmful
▪ Getting involved is unprofessional
▪ Learning affective touch
▪ Not taking work home
▪ Not creating personal ties with patients/family
▪ Minimising the importance of work problems
▪ To relativise is to protect oneself emotionally
▪ Men relativise better than women
▪ Humour facilitates therapeutic relationship
▪ Play and distraction are useful in caring for children
▪ Greater sense of humour
▪ Greater use of play and distraction