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Table 3 Definitions of the DNT evaluation areas

From: Evaluation frameworks for digital nursing technologies: analysis, assessment, and guidance. An overview of the literature

Focus Product/Technology Objective Value/Effect Individual Organization
This area includes what the technology focuses on in terms of its objectives and purpose and the problems and needs it aims to solve for a specific target group in a specific setting. This area includes all aspects of the technology itself. This ranges from visual appearance to functionality and certain specific technological aspects such as interoperability.
(However, there is also an interface to the category “individual”, because certain individually perceived aspects are covered here, such as usability and access).
This category includes the relevant information on evidence, aspired values as well as intended and unintended effects of the technology. This area includes reactions and perceived impressions, as well as the behaviour and the relationship of individuals towards the technology. This area includes aspects that are relevant in the relationship between the technology and an organization.
Societal Ethics Economics Strategic  
This area includes relevant aspects of the technology in a societal context (e.g. political, juridical, regulatory, or socio-cultural aspects - Overlaps with the area of ethics are possible). This area includes relevant ethical standards and ethical implications to be considered in relation to the technology. This area includes relevant economic aspects for the technology (e.g. business model, price, economic evaluation). This area includes strategic aspects that may be relevant for the introduction and dissemination of the technology.