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Table 1 CINAHL search strategya

From: Challenges, coping responses and supportive interventions for international and migrant students in academic nursing programs in major host countries: a scoping review with a gender lens

1 (MH “Students, Nursing+”) OR (MH “Students, Nursing, Practical”) OR (MH “Education, Nursing+”) OR (MH “Schools, Nursing”) OR (MH “Faculty, Nursing”)
2 (MH “Faculty-Student Relations”) OR (MH “Education, Clinical+”) OR (MH “Learning Environment+”)
3 Nurs*
4 2 AND 3
5 (Nurs* N4 (student* OR education))
6 1 OR 4 OR 5
7 (MH “Students, Foreign”) OR (MH “Transients and Migrants”) OR (MH “Emigration and Immigration”) OR (MH “Refugees”) OR (MH “Immigrants+”) OR (MH “English as a Second Language”)
8 “Born abroad” OR Foreign* OR Immigra* OR Refugee* OR Migra* OR ((International OR minorit*) N3 student*) OR ((Second OR additional OR proficiency OR native OR nonnative OR primary OR minorit* OR first) N3 language) OR (mother* N3 tongue)
9 7 OR 8
10 6 AND 9
  1. a Lines 3, 5 and 8, are keyword searches that were executed in the following fields: TI (title), AB (Abstract) and MW (Word in Subject Heading)