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Table 1 Study objectives as described by domains, main questions, data and outcomes

From: A feasibility study of a cognitive behavioral based stress management intervention for nursing students: results, challenges, and implications for research and practice

Overarching question - Can it work?
Domain Main questions Data Study outcome
Recruitment capability Can we recruit appropriate participants?
What are the obstacles to recruitment?
1) Characteristics of the participants, drop-outs and control group
2) Recruitment obstacles and dropout rates
Intervention acceptability Is the intervention suitable for and acceptable to participants?
What are the adherence rates to the intervention?
What are the challenges related to adherence?
1) CSQ-8
2) Attendance rates
3) Adherence rates
Outcome measures and preliminary evaluation Does the intervention show promise of being successful with the intended population?
Do participants provide qualitative feedback that may be indicative of the likelihood that the intervention will be successful?
1) Standardized instruments
2) Open-ended question