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Table 3 Description of the instruments used in the present study

From: A feasibility study of a cognitive behavioral based stress management intervention for nursing students: results, challenges, and implications for research and practice

Instrument Response scale Number of subscales Number of items Original reference Psychometric properties
Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) 5-point Likert 14 Cohen, Kamarck [41] Lee [42]
Satisfaction with life scale (SWLS) 7-point Likert 5 Diener, Emmons [43] Pavot and Diener [44]
Brief Cope Scale (BCS) 4-point Likert 14 28 Carver [45] Wong and Heriot [46]
Pure Procrastination Scale (PPS) 5-point Likert 12 Steel [47] Rozental, Forsell [48]
The Hospital Anxiety and depression scale (HADS) 4-point Likert 2 14 Zigmond and Snaith [49] Lisspers, Nygren [50]
Connor Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC-S) 5-point Likert 25 Connor and Davidson [51] Ahern, Kiehl [52]