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Table 1 An example of data analysis

From: Nurses’ experiences of the causes of their lack of interest in working in psychiatric wards: a qualitative study

Meaning units Primary codes Subcategories Categories
I feared patients with schizophrenia, specifically those who were tall and giant. They look at you in a different way (P. 23).
We are not secure in this ward. Occupational stress and fear are very great. Of course, outsiders may not feel so (P. 18).
Fear over patients with schizophrenia
Occupational stress due to feeling insecure
Fear over patient assault Concerns over patients
In the first days, I had fear over patient assault due to my limited knowledge about them and their conditions (P. 21).
I had not adequately experienced psychiatric wards during my studentship. Hence, I felt great stress in the first days of my work in this ward even when I wanted to establish effective communication with patients (P. 20).
Fear over being injured by patients due to having little knowledge about them, their conditions, and how to establish effective communication with them Fear due to unfamiliarity with patients and their conditions