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Table 1 Sample characteristics

From: The effect of foot massage on long-term care staff working with older people with dementia: a pilot, parallel group, randomized controlled trial

Characteristic Sub-category n
Qualifications (n=17) Certificate in Aged Care/Nursing 14
  Diploma of Nursing  2
  Bachelor of Nursing  2
  Women’s Health Education  1
Role (n=19) Registered Nurse  2
  Enrolled Nurse  1
  Assistant In Nursing/Personal Care Worker 16
Time employed at the facility (n=19) <1 year  3
  1-3 years  7
  4-6 years  3
  7-9 years  4
  ≥10 years  2
Existing health issues (n=19) Hypertension  4
  Arthritis  5
  Diabetes  1
  Skin disorder  1
  Depression  4
  Anxiety  3
Current medications (n=19) Blood pressure medication  4
  Antidepressants  3
  Pain relief medication  5
Smoking status (n=18) Non-smoker 12
  Current smoker  5
  Previous smoker: quit in the last five years  1
  1. Notes. Total n=19; Participants could tick all that applied for: Qualifications; Existing Health Issues.