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  1. Given its apparent benefits, early mobilization is becoming increasingly important in spinal surgery. However, the time point at which patients first get out of bed for mobilization after spinal surgery varies...

    Authors: Jie Huang, Pan Li, Huiting Wang, Chenxi Lv, Jing Han and Xuemei Lu
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:355
  2. Workplace violence has had a significant and negative psychological impact on nursing professionals worldwide. Concerted worldwide efforts to improve work environments have not yet removed nursing professional...

    Authors: Soyun Hong, Sujin Nam, Janet Yuen Ha Wong and Heejung Kim
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:354
  3. The audience response systems are being implemented to support active learning in nursing degree programs. The benefits of audience response systems have been studied in lecture-based classes and seminars, but...

    Authors: Alonso Molina-Rodríguez, María Suárez-Cortés, César Leal-Costa, María Ruzafa-Martínez, José Luis Díaz-Agea, Antonio Jesús Ramos-Morcillo and Ismael Jiménez-Ruiz
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:353
  4. Adequate and intensive nursing care was a key characteristic of recovery of the COVID-19 patients globally and in Uganda. However, there is limited literature on the experiences of nurses who participated in t...

    Authors: Faith Nawagi, Martin Lubega, Aidah Ajambo, John Mukisa and Rose Nabirye
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:352
  5. Management of falling and its consequences is a major challenge of elderly nursing care. An effective educational strategy is essential to prevent falling among elderly people. The aim of this study was to eva...

    Authors: Nasrin Valieiny, Shahzad Pashaeypoor, Sarieh Poortaghi and Farshad Sharifi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:351
  6. A high turnover rate in nursing has become a global concern. Mental health issues may increase the turnover intention of nurses and lead to turnover behaviors. However, very little is known about the role of b...

    Authors: Ning Qin, Ziqiang Yao and Meiying Guo
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:350
  7. The non-punitive approach to error investigation in most safety culture surveys have been relatively low. Most of the current patient safety culture measurement tools also lack the ability to directly gauge co...

    Authors: Kenneth Jun Logroño, Badriya Abdulla Al-Lenjawi, Kalpana Singh and Albara Alomari
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:348
  8. Exploration of the relationship between individual work immersion and perceived stress is critical for clinical nurses’ effective psychological interventions and human resource management, as well as to allevi...

    Authors: Yuan Liao, Wanting Wei, Sujuan Fang, Lihua Wu, Jing Gao, Xinyu Wu, Lijun Huang, Chun Li and Yu Li
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:346
  9. Telephone nursing involves triage, advice, and care management provided by a nurse over the telephone. The telephone nursing dialogue process has been used clinically in telephone nursing in Sweden for several...

    Authors: Silje Rysst Gustafsson and Anna Carin Wahlberg
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:345
  10. Clinical simulation provides a practical and effective learning method during the undergraduate education of health professions. Currently there is only one validated scale in Spanish to assess nursing student...

    Authors: Alejandro Martínez-Arce, Julián Rodríguez-Almagro, Esperanza Vélez-Vélez, Paloma Rodríguez-Gómez, Alberto Tovar-Reinoso and Antonio Hernández-Martínez
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:344
  11. Nursing competency frameworks describe the competencies; knowledge, skills and attitudes nurses should possess. Countries have their own framework. Knowledge of the content of professional competency framework...

    Authors: Renate F. Wit, Anke J.E. de Veer, Ronald S. Batenburg and Anneke L. Francke
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:343
  12. Nurses have a crucial role in managing, educating, and caring for diabetic patients. However, their knowledge should be regularly assessed to avoid preventable complications and reduce costs. Therefore, the pr...

    Authors: Bander Albagawi, Sameer A. Alkubati and Rashad Abdul-Ghani
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:342
  13. Unfinished Nursing Care (UNC) has been documented also during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; however, while several secondary studies were conducted before this period to summarise occurrences, reasons, ...

    Authors: Stefania Chiappinotto, Aysun Bayram, Luca Grassetti, Alessandro Galazzi and Alvisa Palese
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:341
  14. The debriefing process after health care simulations should provide a psychologically safe learning environment for nursing students. Case video-based debriefing on a simulation of high-risk neonatal care can ...

    Authors: Hyun Young Koo, Bo Ryeong Lee and Hyeran An
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:340
  15. Individual health is essential for productivity at work. However, presenteeism, which is defined as attending work while ill, is common. Nursing is a profession with a high incidence of presenteeism, leading t...

    Authors: Wenzhen Li, Geyan Shan, Shengnan Wang, Hongxia Wang, Wei Wang and Yongxin Li
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:339
  16. Education in palliative care for undergraduate nursing students is important for the competence of general nurses. Newly graduated nurses have reported challenges in coping with their own emotions when encount...

    Authors: Ramona Schenell, Jane Österlind, Maria Browall, Christina Melin-Johansson, Carina Lundh Hagelin and Elin Hjorth
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:338
  17. During the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, a large volume of COVID-19 patients were referred to hospital emergency departments (EDs). This increased job demand and job strain among ED nurses, resulting in a hig...

    Authors: Songwut Sungbun, Siripan Naknoi, Panjasilpa Somboon and Orapan Thosingha
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:337
  18. Prone position ventilation (PPV) has gradually become an adjuvant treatment to improve oxygenation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Scientific and comprehensive evaluation of the quality o...

    Authors: Xiuwen Chen, Peng Liao and Yang Zhou
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:336
  19. Considerable research has investigated the influencing factors of cyberloafing in the workplace. However, few studies have focused on the antecedents in non-work fields, especially for nurses. According to the...

    Authors: Na Zhang, Xiaoyun Liu, Jingjing Li and Zhen Xu
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:335
  20. Nurses’ incompetency in disaster risk management can have many negative consequences during disasters, so it is important to prepare nurses and improve their competencies in disaster risk management. This stud...

    Authors: Jamileh Farokhzadian, Hojjat Farahmandnia, Asghar Tavan, Gülcan Taskiran Eskici and Faezeh Soltani Goki
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:334
  21. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a global health threat and has had a profoundly negative impact on the work and lives of healthcare workers. However, few people know how their experiences have evolved over time.

    Authors: Pingting Zhu, Meiyan Qian, Amanda Lee, Mark Hayter, Wen Wang, Guanghui Shi, Qiwei Wu, Qiaoying Ji, Xinyue Gu, Hui Zhang and Yinwen Ding
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:333
  22. Due to the nursing shortage, positive work environments are needed to retain (student) nurses. More and attractive internships for students need to be ensured. In order to provide more internship places learni...

    Authors: A. C. P. Boskma, F. W. Wolthuis, P. D. D. M. Roelofs, A. T. van Wijlen, J. E. van Schie, J. M. de Man- van Ginkel and E. J. Finnema
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:332
  23. A clear need for the development of new comprehensive, reliable, sensitive and valid measurement tools to adequately asses the cultural competence and cultural sensitivity of nursing students exists. This stud...

    Authors: Ayla Yava, Betül Tosun, Katalin Papp, Valérie Tóthová, Eda Şahin, Emel Bahadir Yılmaz, Ezgi Dirgar, Věra Hellerová, Sandra Tricas-Sauras, Mirko Prosen, Sabina Ličen, Igor Karnjus, M. Dolors Bernabeu Tamayo and Juan M. Leyva-Moral
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:331
  24. Nursing documentation documents the everyday activities of nursing care that are planned and implemented on individual patients by nurses of different educational statuses. Documentation of nursing activities ...

    Authors: Getachew Nigussie Bolado, Tadele Lankrew Ayalew, Mulualem Gete Feleke, Kirubel Eshetu Haile and Temesgen Geta
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:330
  25. Patient safety is a global challenge influenced by perceived patient safety culture. However, limited knowledge exists regarding the patient safety culture perceived by hospital clinical managers and its assoc...

    Authors: Haiyan He, Xi Chen, Lingyun Tian, Yanfang Long, Li Li, Ning Yang and Siyuan Tang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:329
  26. Individualized care planning has been slowly integrated into practice in Uganda with minimal documentation of how the concept is applied in providing care. This study explored the perceptions of midwives about...

    Authors: Mariam Namutebi, Gorrette K. Nalwadda, Simon Kasasa, Patience A. Muwanguzi and Dan K. Kaye
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:328
  27. This survey aimed to investigate nursing students’ satisfaction and self-confidence in simulation in education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with comparing these levels based on selected students’ charac...

    Authors: Mohammad Alsadi, Islam Oweidat, Huthaifah Khrais, Ahmad Tubaishat and Abdulqadir J. Nashwan
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:327
  28. There is a global shortage of nurses, with particularly acute shortfall in General Practice Nursing in the United Kingdom estimated at as high as 50% vacancy rate by 2031 by some sources. There has previously ...

    Authors: Graham R Williamson, Adele Kane, Sharon Evans, Lisa Attrill, Fiona Cook and Katy Nash
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:326
  29. To address the challenges in nursing education brought about by the pandemic, this study aimed to evaluate the use of a web-based standardized patient practice in the development of nursing students’ anamnesis...

    Authors: Ayse Demiray, Nagihan Ilaslan, Selin Keskin Kızıltepe and Aysegül Acıl
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:325
  30. Nursing students and nurse preceptors indicate that a comprehensive orientation is vital to successful work-integrated learning placements in Prison Health Services. The aim of this study was to implement and ...

    Authors: Judith Needham, Rhonda Beggs and Thea F. van de Mortel
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:322
  31. To minimize the risk of perioperative hypothermia, it is recommended that healthcare professionals be familiar with heat conservation measures and use passive and active warming methods, in line with internati...

    Authors: Ingrid L. Gustafsson, Carina Elmqvist, Bengt Fridlund, Kristina Schildmeijer and Mikael Rask
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:321
  32. Globalization and population migration have led to increasingly culturally diverse societies, which has made nursing education in cultural competence and transcultural care a priority. This includes the abilit...

    Authors: Yasmin El-Messoudi, Manuel Lillo-Crespo and Juan Leyva-Moral
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:320
  33. In Taiwan, the 2019 Elderly Frailty Assessment found that 11.2% of older people have frailty problems. Some researchers have found that older persons’ negative perspectives on ageing aggravate the progression ...

    Authors: Yu-Rung Wang, Huan-Fang Lee, Pei-Lun Hsieh, Chia-Hsiu Chang and Ching-Min Chen
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:319
  34. Restricting parturient women in healthcare facilities from choosing positions that provide the greatest comfort and benefit during labor is a global barrier. Several complex factors, including caregiver prefer...

    Authors: Huimin Lin, Guihua Liu, Xiaoyan Wang, Qin Xu, Shengbin Guo and Rongfang Hu
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:318
  35. Hot flushes and night sweats are life-altering symptoms experienced by many women after breast cancer treatment. A randomised controlled trial (RCT) was conducted to explore the effectiveness of breast care nu...

    Authors: Cherish Boxall, Deborah Fenlon, Carl May, Jacqui Nuttall and Myra S. Hunter
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:317
  36. Clinical experience is an important component of nursing education because it translates students' knowledge into practice, which serves as the cornerstone of nursing practice in health care delivery.

    Authors: Ahmed Abdelwahab Ibrahim El-Sayed and Sally Mohammed Farghaly Abdelaliem
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:316
  37. Effective interprofessional team collaboration is one of the necessary domains for successful interprofessional collaborative practices in healthcare (IPCP), which is crucial for the delivery of safe and quali...

    Authors: Nombulelo Esme Zenani, Leepile Alfred Sehularo, Gopolang Gause and Precious Chibuike Chukwuere
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:315
  38. Research shows that poor provider–client interactions in maternity and child health (MCH) continue to affect health outcomes, service uptake, continuity of care, and trust in formal healthcare systems.

    Authors: Kahabi Isangula, Eunice S. Pallangyo and Eunice Ndirangu-Mugo
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:314
  39. The perinatal period is a crucial time for women, as they experience various biological, psychological, and social stressors. Due to the complexity of this vulnerable time, there is a high prevalence of depres...

    Authors: Xiao Xiao, Haixia Ma, Shening Zhu, Qiaomeng Li and Yu Chen
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:313
  40. Studies have shown that second-victim experiences could increase risks of the compassion fatigue while support from individuals and organisations is most often protection. However, the risk for poor compassion...

    Authors: Xizhao Li, Chong Chin Che, Yamin Li, Ling Wang and Mei Chan Chong
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:312
  41. A shortage of qualified nurses and their low level of educational qualifications hinders the development of global health services. Studies have proven the role of nursing education in addressing these problem...

    Authors: Zhong Zhang, Chaoqun Yang, Ying Wang, Guoying Deng and Jian Chang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:311
  42. Change is a very complex and multifaceted phenomenon that is intertwined with the understanding of nursing practice, so, resistance to change in nursing can be considered as an important challenge. Knowing the...

    Authors: Rozita Cheraghi, Hossein Ebrahimi, Nasrin Kheibar and Mohammad Hasan Sahebihagh
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:310
  43. Pregnancy-related anxiety and depression has received considerable attention worldwide. Mental health problems in pregnant women already since early weeks of gestation may have important consequences to the fe...

    Authors: Marta Jimenez-Barragan, Amparo del Pino Gutierrez, Jorge Curto Garcia, Olga Monistrol-Ruano, Engracia Coll-Navarro, Oriol Porta-Roda and Gemma Falguera-Puig
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:309
  44. The nursing profession has significant importance in delivering high-quality healthcare services. Nursing practitioners who have essential competencies and who are satisfied with their job are vital in achievi...

    Authors: Mohammed Hamdan Alshammari and Atallah Alenezi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:308
  45. When caregivers have a high level of caregiver mastery, their care recipients with cognitive impairment have less behavioral health problems. However, the relationship between caregiver mastery and anxiety amo...

    Authors: Yeji Hwang, Miranda V. McPhillips, Liming Huang, G. Adriana Perez and Nancy A. Hodgson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:307
  46. The COVID-19 pandemic reached Europe in early 2020 and impacted nurses over a prolonged period, notably causing heavy work overloads. Exposure to sources of stress in such situations is inevitable, which can p...

    Authors: Jonathan Jubin, Philippe Delmas, Ingrid Gilles, Annie Oulevey Bachmann and Claudia Ortoleva Bucher
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:306

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