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  1. Characteristics of nursing care in the oncology ward depend on this ward’s specific context. This study aimed to investigate the nursing care in the oncology ward regarding the culture of this ward.

    Authors: Hadiseh Monadi Ziarat, Naima Seyedfatemi, Marjan Mardani-Hamooleh, Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani and AbouAli Vedadhir
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:83
  2. To measure caring behaviors, it is necessary to have an instrument adapted based on the contextual culture. This study aimed to translate Caring Behaviors Inventory-24 (CBI-24) into Persian and determine its p...

    Authors: Neda Azimi Khaletabad, Moloud Radfar, Mojgan Khademi and Hamidreza Khalkhali
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:82
  3. Various physiological and psychological negative situations experienced by nurses as a result of COVID-19 pandemic have been shown to increase their perception of organizational difficulty and decrease their c...

    Authors: Jingjing Zhang, Chengjia Zhao, Feiyue Li, Xiaoyi Wang, Huihui Xu, Miaomiao Zhou, Yiru Huang, Yeqin Yang, Guoliang Yu and Guohua Zhang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:81
  4. Worldwide people are living longer. The need for healthcare for older adults is increasing. The trend is towards advanced home healthcare, where registered nurses are key figures. This implies challenges for m...

    Authors: Erica Lillsjö, Kaisa Bjuresäter and Karin Josefsson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:80
  5. A high level of competence among staff is necessary for providing patient-safe surgical care. Knowledge regarding what factors contribute to the professional development of specialist nurses in surgical care a...

    Authors: Jenny Drott, My Engström, Eva Jangland, Victoria Fomichov, Marlene Malmström and Jenny Jakobsson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:79
  6. Medical personnel should be in close proximity and high frequency of contact with patients, and be exposed to physical, biological and chemical risk factors for a long time. The incidence of various occupation...

    Authors: Cunyue Zhao, Mingguang Yu, Aijun Wang, Xiaofen Xu and Xing Zheng
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:78
  7. Previous research indicates a link between what nurses receive for themselves and their remaining in practice. In Norway, school nurses tend to remain in practice, but what it is they receive for themselves ha...

    Authors: Linda Horne Mæland, Bjørg Frøysland Oftedal and Margareth Kristoffersen
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:77
  8. The crucial role that nurses play in offering palliative care to patients with life-threatening diseases is widely acknowledged, but the correlation between their eHealth literacy and their knowledge, attitude...

    Authors: Niu Yuan, Zhang-Hong Lv, Yuan-Yuan Wen, Chun-Rong Sun, Ting-Yu Tao and Dan Qian
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:76
  9. Approximately 6.5 million adults have chronic heart failure (HF), the number one cause of 30-day hospital readmission. Managing HF and its symptoms is critical for patients. Hospitalization may impact patients...

    Authors: Stephanie Turrise, Nina Hadley, Denise Phillips-Kuhn, Barbara Lutz and Seongkum Heo
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:75
  10. Graduate entry nursing programmes provide students with an accelerated pathway to becoming a registered nurse. Motivations for study, together with commonly shared characteristics of students enrolling in such...

    Authors: Rhona Winnington, Kay Shannon, Rosemary Turner, Rebecca Jarden, Patricia McClunie-Trust, Virginia Jones, Eamon Merrick, Andrea Donaldson and Rachel Macdiarmid
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:74
  11. The lack of standards for evaluating the quality of undergraduate nursing programmes hampers the evaluation of e-learning programmes in low- and middle-income countries. Fragmented approaches to evaluation cou...

    Authors: Moses Mutua Mulu and Champion N. Nyoni
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:73
  12. The use of assistive robotic systems in care is intended to relieve nursing staff. Differentiated and literature-based findings on current application possibilities, technological developments and empirical fi...

    Authors: Christoph Ohneberg, Nicole Stöbich, Angelika Warmbein, Ivanka Rathgeber, Amrei Christin Mehler-Klamt, Uli Fischer and Inge Eberl
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:72
  13. Critical reflection is an effective learning strategy that enhances clinical nurses’ reflective practice and professionalism. Therefore, training programs for nurse educators should be implemented so that crit...

    Authors: Sujin Shin, Inyoung Lee, Jeonghyun Kim, Eunyoung Oh and Eunmin Hong
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:69
  14. A functional interprofessional teamwork improves collaborative patient-centred care. Participation in interprofessional education promotes cooperation after graduation. Individuals tend to use different approa...

    Authors: Susanne Lundell Rudberg, Hanna Lachmann, Taina Sormunen, Max Scheja and Margareta Westerbotn
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:68
  15. Venous ulcers usually present a torpid evolution with a negative impact on patients’ quality of life. In primary care, they account for 2.5% of nursing consultations and their treatment represents high costs f...

    Authors: Borja Herraiz-Ahijado, Carmen Folguera-Álvarez, José Verdú-Soriano, Pilar Mori-Vara and Milagros Rico-Blázquez
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:65
  16. Clinical judgment is an important and desirable learning outcome in nursing education. Students must be able to self-assess their clinical judgment in both the simulation and clinical settings to identify know...

    Authors: Anne Mette Høegh-Larsen, Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez, Inger Åse Reierson, Sissel Iren Eikeland Husebø, Dag Hofoss and Monika Ravik
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:64
  17. With today’s complex needs of the population and high demands in quality of care, there will be a continuing need for expanding role of nurses to assume more responsibilities in healthcare. Newly graduated nur...

    Authors: Arkers Kwan Ching Wong, Tommy Tsz Man Hung, Jonathan Bayuo and Frances Kam Yuet Wong
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:62
  18. The COVID-19 pandemic led to major changes in people’s lives via protective strategies aimed at limiting the transmission of COVID-19, including social distancing, lockdowns, cancelled or limited leisure activ...

    Authors: Gudrun Rohde, Berit Johannessen, Markus Maaseide, Sylvi Flateland, Anne Valen Skisland, Ellen Benestad Moi and Kristin Haraldstad
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:60
  19. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the major blinding eye diseases worldwide. Psychological, emotional and social problems of DR patients are prominent. The aim of this study is to explore the experiences of ...

    Authors: Mengyue Zhang, ChunHua Zhang, Chen Chen, Linjie Liu, Youping Liang, YiRong Hong, Yanyan Chen and Yinghui Shi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:58
  20. Determining the core competence of advanced practice nurses is foundational for promoting optimal design and implementation of advanced practice nursing roles. Core competencies specific to the contexts of the...

    Authors: Sek Ying Chair, Frances Kam Yuet Wong, Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Ting Liu and Krista Jokiniemi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:57
  21. Despite the high prevalence of ocular complications in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), eye care, as an important component of the care plan, has not received much attention from nurses. To ...

    Authors: Maryam Askaryzadeh Mahani, Jamileh Farokhzadian, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad and Monirsadat Nematollahi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:56
  22. While several studies have been performed on turnover intention among nurses, limited studies have considered the ethical perspectives on turnover intention among haemodialysis nurses. The purpose of this stud...

    Authors: Haengsuk Kim, Hyunjung Kim and Younjae Oh
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:55
  23. Compared to other healthcare workers, nurses are more vulnerable to the potentially devastating effects of pandemic-related stressors. Studies have not yet investigated the deeper characteristics of the relati...

    Authors: Zhiwei Wang, Qian Liang, Zeping Yan, Jian Liu, Mengqi Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Jiurui Wang, Junting Huang and Xiaorong Luan
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:54
  24. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need to invest in nursing practice environments and health institutions were led to implement several changes. In this sense, this study aimed to analyze the impact of the ...

    Authors: Olga Maria Pimenta Lopes Ribeiro, Maria Filomena Cardoso, Letícia de Lima Trindade, Carla Gomes da Rocha, Paulo João Figueiredo Cabral Teles, Soraia Pereira, Vânia Coimbra, Marlene Patrícia Ribeiro, Ana Reis, Ana da Conceição Alves Faria, João Miguel Almeida Ventura da Silva, Paula Leite, Sónia Barros and Clemente Sousa
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:53
  25. Nurses play an important role in the treatment of headache patients at the specialized headache centers in Europe, however, a unified definition of nursing tasks and conduction of tasks is lacking. The objecti...

    Authors: Annette Vangaa Rasmussen, Rigmor Hoejland Jensen, Leena Eklund Karlsson and Louise Schlosser Mose
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:52
  26. In a rapidly changing healthcare environment, Self-directed learning (SDL) ability is recognized as a crucial condition for nursing students and nurse to deal with severe challenges positively. Developing SDL ...

    Authors: Ziyun Gao, Lin Zhang, Jianing Ma, Hong Sun, Mengya Hu, Meiding Wang, Haiyang Liu and Leilei Guo
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:51
  27. Men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) have a significant HIV burden worldwide. Data from eight countries across sub-Saharan Africa found a pooled HIV prevalence of 14% among MSM and 25% a...

    Authors: Patience A. Muwanguzi, Racheal Nabunya, Victoria M. S. Karis, Allen Nabisere, Joan Nangendo and Andrew Mujugira
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:50
  28. To examine factors associated with promotion of the nursing profession, to the nursing community, other healthcare professionals and the general public, by nurses employed in diverse healthcare settings.

    Authors: Violetta Rozani and Ilya Kagan
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:49
  29. Globally, tens of millions of children are hospitalized every year for non-fatal traffic accident injuries, being confronted with an injured child can be extremely stressful for parents. Understandably, a sign...

    Authors: Zhi Hong Ni, Hai Tao Lv, Jin Hua Wu and Fang Wang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:48
  30. Understanding nursing students’ knowledge about and attitudes toward older adults’ using context-specific survey instruments can help to identify and design effective learning and teaching materials to improve...

    Authors: Diana Abudu-Birresborn, Sarah Brennenstuhl, Martine Puts, Lynn McCleary, Vida Yakong, Charlene H. Chu and Lisa Cranley
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:47
  31. Transition to adulthood to live independently while self-managing health and daily life without parental help is crucial for young adults with chronic conditions. Despite its importance as a precursor to effec...

    Authors: Eun Kyoung Choi, Jisu Park, Kyua Kim, Eunjeong Bae, Yoonhye Ji, Seung Hyeon Yang, Altantuya Chinbayar and Hyeseon Yun
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:46
  32. Early mobilization can help reduce severe side effects such as muscle atrophy that occur during hospitalization. However, due to time and staff shortages in intensive and critical care as well as safety risks ...

    Authors: Angelika Warmbein, Ivanka Rathgeber, Janesca Seif, Amrei C. Mehler-Klamt, Lena Schmidbauer, Christina Scharf, Lucas Hübner, Ines Schroeder, Johanna Biebl, Marcus Gutmann, Inge Eberl, Michael Zoller and Uli Fischer
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:45
  33. Waiting time for kidney transplants (KT) is an important health determinant for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). During this time, ongoing evaluation and participation is necessary in order to guara...

    Authors: Guillermo Pedreira-Robles, Victoria Morín-Fraile, Anna Bach-Pascual, Dolores Redondo-Pachón, María José Pérez-Sáez, Marta Crespo, Anna Falcó-Pegueroles and Paloma Garcimartín
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:44
  34. Nurses who play the leading role in caring for patients, especially nurses in the chemotherapy department who are constantly exposed to high-risk drugs and their side effects, should pay more attention to occu...

    Authors: Zohreh Hojati, Fateme Goudarzi, Shirin Hasanvand, Nasrin Galehdar and Mehdi Birjandi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:43
  35. To examine the mediating effect of resilience between social support and compassion fatigue among intern nursing and midwifery students during COVID-19.

    Authors: Jia-Ning Li, Xiu-Min Jiang, Qing-Xiang Zheng, Fen Lin, Xiao-Qian Chen, Yu-Qing Pan, Yu Zhu, Ru-Lin Liu and Ling Huang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:42
  36. More attention is paid to the survival and treatment of the sick infant in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and parental stress is not considered. The purpose of this study was to determine samples of t...

    Authors: Mohammad Heidarzadeh, Haydeh Heidari, Ali Ahmadi, Kamal Solati and Narges sadeghi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:41
  37. Self-management behaviours can be crucial to improving disease symptoms and health outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients. Currently, the tools available for measuring self-management behaviours in RA ...

    Authors: Jinglin Chen, Yuqing Song, Lihong Ou, Xia Wang, Ying Wang, Yanling Chen and Hong Chen
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:40
  38. Work stress is one of the leading causes of physical and mental problems among nurses and can affect patient safety. Nurses experiencing stress are more prone to make errors, which has consequences for the saf...

    Authors: Loai M. Zabin, Rasha S. Abu Zaitoun, Esa M. Sweity and Lila de Tantillo
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:39
  39. Effective clinical nursing handover involves the transfer of responsibility and accountability for patient care between nurses, leading to better patient safety and continuity of care. Nurses in bilingual cont...

    Authors: Jack Pun
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:38
  40. High resilience increases nurses' ability to cope with job-related stressors and enhances job satisfaction and, consequently, their retention. The study aims to identify resilience predictors and perceptions o...

    Authors: Hana’a Abdul Salam, Nuhad Yazbik Dumit, Michael Clinton and Ziyad Mahfoud
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:37
  41. Effective support given by a midwife during labor and childbirth is associated with numerous positive outcomes. Yet the delivery of such support can be hindered by negative workplace cultures. The purpose of t...

    Authors: Khadijeh Heidari, Leila Amiri-Farahani and Sally Pezaro
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:36
  42. Patients accessing health care enter the hospital environment with extreme anxiety, fear and distress which impacts their interactions with nurses and other health care professionals who are expected to help a...

    Authors: Evans Osei Appiah, Ezekiel Oti-Boadi, Mary Ani-Amponsah, Dorcas Goku Mawusi, Dorothy Baffour Awuah, Awube Menlah and Cindy Ofori-Appiah
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:35
  43. Nursing professionalism plays an important role in clinical nursing. However, a clear conceptual understanding of nursing professionalism is lacking.

    Authors: Huili Cao, Yejun Song, Yanming Wu, Yifei Du, Xingyue He, Yangjie Chen, Qiaohong Wang and Hui Yang
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2023 22:34

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