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Table 3 One-way ANOVAs exploring group differences in blood pressure and anxiety

From: The effect of foot massage on long-term care staff working with older people with dementia: a pilot, parallel group, randomized controlled trial

Dependent variable Mean change scores (σ) Effect of group
  Foot massage Silent resting Overall F-Value Significance (p=) Partial eta squared (η2)
Systolic Blood Pressure −5.10 −5.88 −5.51 0.29 0.60 0.02
  (3.34) (2.97) (3.09)    
Diastolic Blood Pressure −5.06 −2.25 −3.58 4.79 0.04* 0.22
  (2.46) (3.05) (3.07)    
Faces Anxiety Scale −0.72 −0.30 −0.50 7.31 0.02* 0.30
  (0.42) (0.24) (0.40)    
  1. Notes. Total n=19; Foot massage n=9; Silent resting n=10; *p<0.05; σ = Standard Deviation; Change scores were calculated for blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) and anxiety for each of the 12 ft massage or silent resting sessions (i.e., post- minus pre-intervention). An overall mean change score was then calculated for the foot massage and silent resting groups for each measure (i.e., sum of change scores divided by 12).