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Table 1 NFDP modules

From: Building nurse education capacity in India: insights from a faculty development programme in Andhra Pradesh

Title Aim Learning outcomes
Advanced and innovative methods in nursing education To further develop educators’ knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering advanced and innovative teaching methods in order to enhance student learning Identify innovative teaching methods;
Understand relevant personal resource and environmental issues in ensuring systematic application in learning methods;
Explore the role of the teacher in facilitating learning by utilising different teaching methods;
Develop and apply advanced and innovative teaching methods in order to enhance student learning;
Explore different learning styles and strategies and how they relate to student learning;
Evaluate assessment strategies associated with innovative teaching and learning;
Examine the advanced and innovative methods of evaluating learning;
Developing and advancing scholarship To build capacity in nursing scholarship for nursing faculty and propose strategies for improving scholarship in Andhra Pradesh Outline a systematic approach to scholarship in order to develop an action plan for future professional advancement;
Building knowledge and skills in the scholarship of nursing education, research and practice;
Develop advanced skills in writing scholarly papers and funding proposals;
Cultivate strategies that support and facilitate scholarship;
Progress skills in disseminating scholarly activities;
Developing effective leadership and management in nursing education and practice To facilitate the development of effective leadership in nursing Identify the leadership challenges for nursing in Andhra Pradesh;
Analyse self utilising critical reflection in order to develop professionally as a leader;
Develop skills and approaches to management and leadership in nursing;
Apply effective leadership strategies;
Identify the need for and implement change to improve care quality and the educational experience for students;
Prepare a professional development plan to promote and evaluate self-progression;
Developing clinical learning To facilitate clinical learning utilising evidence based practice to enhance the students’ learning experience Explore the concept of practice learning within the context of AP;
Develop and evaluate an internship programme to facilitate student learning;
Develop nursing practice using an evidence base focusing on hand washing;
Facilitate partnerships between clinical staff and the Nursing Teaching Faculty;
Utilise models and tools to facilitate changes in clinical practice and learning;
Facilitate the dissemination of the programme outcomes through scholarly activity;