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Table 1 Constructs, questions and response alternatives used in the study

From: Organization of nursing care in three Nordic countries: relationships between nurses’ workload, level of involvement in direct patient care, job satisfaction, and intention to leave

Construct Question Response scale
Job satisfaction  
  How satisfied are you with your current job in this hospital? 1 = Very dissatisfied
2 = A little dissatisfied
3 = Moderately satisfied
4 = Very satisfied
  Would you recommend your hospital to a nurse colleague as a good place to work? 1 = Definitely no
2 = Probably no
3 = Probably yes
4 = Definitely yes
  How many patients were you directly responsible for on the most recent shift you worked? Count
  Is the number of patients in preceding question typical of your workload? 1 = Less
2 = Same
3 = More
  Of all the patients you were directly responsible for on your most recent shift, ..  
  How many required assistance with all activities of daily living? Count
  How many required hourly or more frequent monitoring or treatments? Count
Level of involvement in direct patient care  
  How would you describe your role in caring for most of the patients on your most recent shift? 1 = I provided most care myself
2 = I supervised the care by others and provided some myself
3 = I provided only limited care such as dressing changes or drug administration and most of direct care was done by others
Intention to leave  
  If possible, would you leave your current hospital within the next year as a result of job dissatisfaction? Yes/No.
  Follow up question: If yes, what type of work would you seek? 1 = Nursing in another hospital
2 = Nursing, but not in a hospital
3 = Non-nursing