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Table 3 Interview protocol

From: Older cancer patients' information and support needs surrounding treatment: An evaluation through the eyes of patients, relatives and professionals

Topic list discussed with participants (patients and professionals)
Differences between older and younger patients
a. Are there differences between older and younger patients of which nurses should take account during their patient education?
b. What can nurses do to take these differences in account?
Needs at the beginning of treatment
a. What are the most important educational goals when preparing patients for an invasive treatment like chemotherapy? What are the needs of older patients and their relatives?
b. How can nurses tailor education about chemotherapy to the individual needs and circumstances of older patients and their relatives?
c. Are there any other important aspects to consider during patient education about chemotherapy?
Recall of information
a. Which information is considered most important to remember at the beginning of the treatment?
Extra asked to professionals: Which information should be provided verbally (during consult) and which information can be provided in a written form?
b. What can nurses do to ensure that patients and their relatives will remember relevant information provided?