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Table 3 Strategies participants identified for patient participation in PIP

From: The role of patients in pressure injury prevention: a survey of acute care patients

Participant nominated PIP strategies
Theme Sub-themes with participant quotes
Keep skin healthy Skin assessment
Frequent skin assessment and early intervention
Get regular skin checks from a specialist
Skin care
Keep clean and fresh
Wash with provided soaps
Dry properly
Moisturise regularly-use sorbolene
Rub or massage area
Dressings on exposed or damaged areas
Stop scratching
Take care not to injure self
Stop clothes bunching
Listen to your body Repositioning & movement
Walk around the ward
Turning and moving importantprevention better than cure
Get up a bit more instead of using a bottle
Aim to get moving as soon as possible
Avoid lying down too long
Keep up current activitybe more active and keep moving
Get up and down
Keep out of bed
Change position while in bed
Use monkey bar to reposition and to get comfortable
Constantly move heels to relieve pressure
Use side-rails to move
Not sit in one spot all the time or for too long
Reposition self as much as possible
Use supports and cushioning aides
Pillows under sore spots
Pillows under calves to prop heels off bed
Use supports to move hips to feel better
Special mattresses
Inflatable rings to sit on
Looking after the inside Drink more
Eat well
Have enough to eat
Keep hydrated