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Table 3 Global scale anchors for achieving top score of 5 on each scale (reproduced with permission from MITI 3.1.1 manual)

From: Motivational interviewing competencies among UK family nurse partnership nurses: a process evaluation component of the building blocks trial

Global Scale Anchors for scoring maximum of 5 on the scales
Evocation Clinician works proactively to evoke client’s own reasons for change and ideas about how change should happen
Collaboration Clinician actively fosters and encourages power sharing in the interaction in such a way that client’s ideas substantially influence the nature of the session.
Autonomy support Clinician adds significantly to the feeling and meaning of client’s expression of autonomy, in such a way as to markedly expand client’s experience of own control and choice
Direction Clinician exerts influence on the session and generally does not miss opportunities to direct client toward the target behavior or referral question.
Empathy Clinician shows evidence of deep understanding of client’s point of view, not just for what has been explicitly stated but what the client means but has not yet said.