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Table 2 Themes and sub-themes

From: Nurses’ perceptions of a pressure ulcer prevention care bundle: a qualitative descriptive study

Themes Sub-themes
Awareness of the PUPCB and its similarity to current practice Understanding the PUPCB
Comparing the PUPCB and current practice
Improving awareness, communication and participation with the PUPCB Increasing awareness of PUP
Enhancing nurse and patient communication about PUP
Active participation in PUP
Appreciating the positive aspects of patient participation in care Understanding and supporting patient participation in care
Realising the benefits of patient participation
Perceived barriers to engaging patients in the PUPCB Cognitive impairment restricts participation in PUP
Taking a passive approach to health care
Undervaluing of PUP by patients
Partnering with nursing staff to facilitate PUPCB implementation Communication and dissemination
Leadership and influence
Keeping the PUPCB simple