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Table 1 PICOS framework guiding selection criteria

From: Conceptualising a model to guide nursing and midwifery in the community guided by an evidence review

Population: The whole population including (but not exclusively): new mothers, infants and children, adolescents, children with complex needs, including disabilities, older adults, adults with chronic illnesses, adults with mental health issues, people in need of palliative care, vulnerable populations including minority groups, migrants and travelling communities, victims of/those at risk of domestic violence or sexual abuse, school going children and adolescents.
Interventions: Any intervention that manages nursing and midwifery care in the community in comparison to no intervention/usual care.
Comparator: No intervention/usual or standard care or service delivery/another model or programme of care or integration.
Outcomes: Any measures of patient centred, process, service or economic outcomes.
Any measures/reporting of barriers and enablers relating to implementation of models of community nursing or midwifery.
Any recommendations regarding education, research, service delivery, policy relating to community nursing or midwifery.
Contexts: Community based nursing and midwifery services delivering care across a wide variety of settings including GP Practice, home, schools, community and health centres.
Added post-hoc: Countries classified as high human development level (UNDP, 2014),
Studies: Systematic reviews of reviews, meta-analysis, systematic reviews and randomised controlled studies, meta-synthesis, narrative reviews (Narrative reviews and meta-synthesis were later excluded).
In addition, peer reviewed papers, evidence based policy documents or mixed method studies reporting on the implementation or evaluation of programmes/models in Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, America and Canada.
Published between November 1st 2005 and 31st October 2015 (later reduced to 1st November 2010 – 31st October 2015).
Written in the English language.