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Table 4 Conceptual understanding of Nursing for patients with IDD

From: Nurses’ experiences of caring for patients with intellectual developmental disorders: a systematic review using a meta-ethnographic approach

LOA Synthesis Nursing for People with IDD* LOA Synthesis Nursing Per Se
A Based on long-term relationships B Rests its foundation on trust
C Go beyond verbal communication alone D Be forward planning
F Work against negative attitudes and alienation E Include relevant others to offer quality care
G Raise the bar in nursing for this patient group H Acknowledge the person behind the label of disability
J Take unpredictable situations into account I Based on evidence-based practice
N Understand the complexity of this patient group K Knowledge and skills beyond the diagnosis (here IDD)
   L Inter-professional collaboration
   M Entails advocacy and safe guarding
  1. * = LOA synthesis interpreted to represent a tentatively distinct conceptualization of nursing