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Table 2 Study variables and measurement timetable

From: Testing a pain self-management intervention by exploring reduction of analgesics’ side effects in cancer outpatients and the involvement of family caregivers: a study protocol (PEINCA-FAM)

Study variable Instrument Assessed in patients Assessed in FCs Week 0 Week 1 Week 2–5 Week 6
Demographics, patient Patient Information Questionnaire X   X    
Demographics, FC FC Information Questionnaire   X X    
Clinical data Medical Record Review Form X   X    
Average pain and worst pain Pain management diarya: Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) X   X X X X
Pain alleviation through pain medication X   X X X X
Pain interference with function X   X X X X
Duration of pain
Bowel movements and use of laxatives
Side-effects of pain and cancer treatment
Pain management diarya: X   X X X X
Knowledge of cancer pain Patient Pain Questionnaire X   X    X
Family Pain Questionnaire   X X    X
Constipation Constipation Assessment Scale X   X X X X
Self-efficacy Self-Efficacy Questionnaire in patients with cancer X   X    X
Caregiver version of the Self-Efficacy Questionnaire   X X    X
Anxiety and depression Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale X   X    X
Functional status Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status X   X    X
  1. Note. aPain management diary: daily assessment of average and worst pain, pain alleviation, and pain interference with function via BPI Brief pain inventory as well as duration of pain, bowel movements/ use of laxatives, side effects of pain and of cancer treatment via pain management diary