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Table 2 Categorisation of the perceptions of the training

From: Increasing cultural awareness: qualitative study of nurses’ perceptions about cultural competence training

Main category Subcategory
General utility General perspective on cultural issues
Starting an open discussion about cultural issues
Opportunity to improve current practices
Personal utility Opportunity to become aware of one’s own cultural features
Change one’s way of thinking
Obtaining a new perspective on one’s own communication practices
Justification for carrying out workable practices
Utility for patients Better awareness and acknowledgement of patients’ differing cultural features
Increased respect in healthcare delivery
Quality of training Serves the needs of learners
Expertise of the training provider
Excellent teaching skills of the educator
Suggestions for training improvement Listening to persons from different immigrant groups
Condensed or partly Web-based training to ease participation
Written summary from each training session
Rules and customs of different religions