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Table 3 Quantitative critical review analysis of four identified studies

From: Incorporating oral health care education in undergraduate nursing curricula - a systematic review

Critical Appraisal Checklist
Quantitative non-randomised study
Czarnecki et al., 2014 [47] Farokhi et al., 2018 [48 Dsouza et al., 2019 [52] Coan et al., 2019 [51] Grant et al., 2011 [46]
SQ1.Are there clear research questions? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SQ2.Do the collected data allow one to address the research questions? Yes Yes Yes Yes -**
1. Are the participants representative of the target population? Yes No Yes No -**
2. Are measurements appropriate regarding both the outcome and intervention (or exposure)? Yes Yes Yes Yes -**
3. Are there complete outcome data? Yes Yes Yes Yes -**
4. Are confounders accounted for in the design and analysis? Yes No Yes Yes -**
5. During the study period, is the intervention administered (or exposure occurred) as intended? Yes Yes Yes Yes -**
Overall quality score* 1.0 0.6 1.0 0.8 -**
  1. *Overall quality score: Studies met all assessment criteria scored one and studies met fewer criteria scored less than one
  2. **According to MMAT, further appraisal may not be feasible or appropriate when answer is “‘No’ or ‘Cannot ‘tell’ to screening question 1 or 2