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Table 5 Translation of PET items to Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation

From: Measuring the quality of nursing clinical placements and the development of the Placement Evaluation Tool (PET) in a mixed methods co-design project

Kirkpatrick’s Level PET
PET Scale Items
LEVEL 1: Reaction to experience Clinical Environment (1) I was fully orientated to the clinical area
(2) Staff were willing to work with students
(3) Staff were positive role models
(4) Staff were ethical and professional
(5) Staff demonstrated respect and empathy towards patients/clients
(6) Patient safety was fundamental to the work of the unit(s)
(7) I felt valued during this placement
(8) I felt safe in the clinical environment (e.g. physically, emotionally and culturally)
Learning Support (9) This placement was a good learning environment
(10) My supervisor(s) helped me identify my learning objectives/needs
(11) I was adequately supervised in the clinical environment
(12) I received regular and constructive feedback
(13) I was supported to work within my scope of practice
(14) My supervisor(s) understood how to assess my clinical abilities
(15) I had opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge
(16) I had opportunities to interact and learn with the multi-disciplinary team
(17) I achieved my learning objectives
Learning Support (18) I have gained the skills and knowledge to further my practice
(19) I anticipate being able to apply my learning from this placement
Patient impact
Not applicable