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Table 4 Proposed telehealth interventions

From: Designing a multifaceted telehealth intervention for a rural population using a model for developing complex interventions in nursing

1. Remote Monitoring for Chronic Conditions and Prevention/Early Identification of Infections
 a. Pulse Oximetry with Heart Rate
 b. Blood Pressure Monitor
 c. Glucose Monitor
 d. Weight
 e. Temperature
 f. Fall monitor
2. Remote Nursing Assessment & Treatment via Telephone
 a. Pain
  i. Assess location, severity (0–10 scale), acute/chronic, aggravating/alleviating factors.
  ii. Plan interventions that include provision of non-pharmacological modalities to treat pain.
  iii. Provide instructions and education on how to treat pain with OTC medications including safe use related to co-morbid conditions.
  iv. Provide instructions on how, when, and where to seek appropriate further care when needed.
  v. Medication Reconciliation
 b. Mental status assessment every 2 weeks
  i. Assess mental health using patient stress questionnaires (PHQ-9, GAD-7, PC-PTSD, and AUDIT).
  ii. Provide appropriate referral and assist with access to care for new or worsening mental health issues.
 c. General assessment of new and on-going issues
 d. Identify patterns and issues with ongoing remote monitoring of chronic conditions and follow-up on missing remote monitoring results for more than 3 days
3. Care Coordination
 a. Arrange care for new or on-going issues
 b. Medication assessment (i.e., pharmacy pre-wrapped meds) based on medication reconciliation
 c. Follow up on issues after ED/Urgent/PCP visits
 d. Assessment of educational needs related to adherence to self-care behaviors and medications
  i. Plan and provide needed education.
  ii. Evaluate behavior change related to education and need for continued education/intervention.
  1. OTC over the counter, ED emergency department, PCP primary care provider, PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire, GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PC-PTSD Primary Care Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test