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Table 2 Bivariate linear regression analysis of factors associated with caring behaviour among nurses in Jimma University specialized hospital, 2019 (n = 224)

From: Caring behavior and associated factors among nurses working in Jimma University specialized hospital, Oromia, Southwest Ethiopia, 2019

VariablesOutcome variable: caring behavior  
Unstandardized BP- valueCI at 95%
Background variables
 Age 15–24 (year)6.6460.04(
 Age > =25(year)6.6460.04(
 Religion (orthodox)6.7800.010(1.649,11.911)
 Surgical ward−6.9410.009(−12.106, −1.776)
 Pediatric ward7.6140.011(1.744,13.484)
Job satisfaction variables
 Satisfaction with prospect and motivation1.278  
 Professional satisfaction1.7660.00(1.314,2.219)
 Personal satisfaction1.8880.00(1.378,2.397)
Interaction (interdisciplinary) variables
 Joint participation in decision making0.9630.00(0.543,1.384)
 Joint participation in client care1.2390.00(0.776,1.702)
 Sharing patient information1.196.0.00(0.626,1.766)
 Collaborative working1.5980.00(0.924,2.272)
Care environment (organizational) variables
 satisfaction with nurse management0.490.008(0.128,0.853)
Workload and intention to leave variables
 Number of patients per shift0.9040.00(0.502,1.306)
 Plan to leave the hospital−6.1460.019(−11.276, −1.017)