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Table 3 Multiple linear regression analysis of factors associated with caring behaviour among nurses in Jimma University specialized hospital, 2019 (n = 224)

From: Caring behavior and associated factors among nurses working in Jimma University specialized hospital, Oromia, Southwest Ethiopia, 2019

VariablesOutcome variables: Caring behaviour
Background variablesUnstandardized BP-valueCI at 95%
Work unit (surgical ward)−6.7300.002(−11.025, −2.436)
Work unit (Intensive care, psychiatry and maternity wards)−7.8340.054(−15.447, −0.220)
Job satisfaction variable
 Personal satisfaction1.1190.00(0.611,1.627)
 Professional satisfaction1.0720.00(0.604,1.539)
Interaction (interdisciplinary) variable
 Joint participation in caring process0.5840.007(0.159,1.009)
Care environment (organization)
 Satisfaction with nurse management0.8520.00(0.399,1.304)
 Satisfaction with staffing and support−1.1400.00(−1.657, −0.623)