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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Patient participation in electronic nursing documentation: an interview study among community nurses

1. In general, do patients participate in nursing documentation in your experience? If not, why not? If so, how?
2. Do patients understand what is written in electronic health records?
3. Are there differences between patients in how you let them participate in nursing documentation? If so, which differences do you see?
4. Under which circumstances do you let patients participate and in which circumstances not?
5. To what extent is it possible to let patients participate in documentation during all phases of the nursing process? In which phases is it possible, and in which phases is it not possible?
6. Does the electronic health record that you work with influence the patients participation? If so, how?
7. If you use an electronic patient portal, what do you gain from using such a portal? And what do you believe patients gain from using an electronic patient portal?
8. Have you come across challenges in patient participation in nursing documentation? If so, which challenges do you perceive?
9. How do you deal with the challenges you experience for patient participation in nursing documentation?
10. How do you think that patient participation in nursing documentation can be made easier for you?
11. Do you feel that there are differences between the paper-based records and electronic health records regarding patient participation in the nursing documentation?