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Table 1 Motivations concurring to the final decision to drop-out from the BSN (from the most to the least reported by students)

From: Why do nursing students leave bachelor program? Findings from a qualitative descriptive study

Themes Categories
Understanding of not being suited to be a nurse Feeling inadequate for the nursing profession
Having the desire to try another profession
Perception of lacking the psychological, physical, and practical resources needed to successfully cope with both nursing school and the nursing profession Being unable to manage emotions
To struggle with academic demands
Organization skills
Commitment (self-awareness)
Not Effectively cope with stress
Concerns due to personal/family circumstances
To be suffering financial problems
To have health issues
To have language issues
Incongruity between one ideal or perfect idea of the nursing profession and the real impact with it during the clinical placement To not find in the real world the human dimension of the job anticipated by the theory lessons
To experience teamwork without then finding it in every clinical context
To not associate caring competence to the nurse
To perceive lack of support from the clinical teacher To wish for a closer relationship and more support from the clinical teacher
To wish for more interest from the clinical teacher’s point of view
Expect help from the clinical teacher
Find it hard to open up with people about your own issues
To not establish a trust relationship with your clinical teacher
To not be satisfied with the overall experience of placement Wish to have some time dedicated to reflection
To wish for more mentoring/mentorship
To perceive as negative the simultaneous presence of multiple students in the same unit
To wish for more opportunities to experience the job while in placement
To have the opportunity to observe a good role models during training activities
To negatively handle the relationship with the team