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Table 2 Themes

From: Registered Nurses' experiences of reading and using research for work and education: a qualitative research study

Theme Subthemes Elements
Coming into learning about research Early experiences Feeling lost
Help with learning Not knowing how or if to critique
Courses, subjects, resources, programs, access to articles, teaching and learning strategies, educators, peers
Fitting research into the reality of nursing life Organisational issues Work culture, resources, staffing, roadblocks, disinterest, supportiveness, valuing research
Interpersonal issues Hostility, gate-keeping, apathy and reluctance, support, assistance, feeling out of place
Confidence Feeling capable and competent dealing with research, feelings about interacting with research
Working towards using research Approaches to reading and understanding research Selective reading of research papers, reading strategies
Using research Improving practice with research
Mathematics difficulties Numerical results, statistics, symbols, as a focus for problems understanding research
Research language Research-specific terms as a focus for problems understanding research