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Table 2 Example of matrix including two participants, showing how individual and shared patterns developed

From: Undergraduate nursing students’ experiences of becoming a professional nurse: a longitudinal study

  First interview Second interview Third interview Fourth interview
Student No. 8 No. 26 No. 8 No. 26 No. 8 No. 26 No. 8 No. 26
Examples subcategories Help people Wants to learn Developed critical thinking Wants to practice Seeking evidence Bad role models Realizes own limits Knows how to apply theory
Possibilities Manage practical work Learned a lot Learn for real Changed professional view based on knowledge Negligence Gained lot of knowledge Awareness
Visible result   Changed approach to nursing    Questions the business Humility Constantly searching for new knowledge
Example generic categories Make a difference Belief in oneself Theoretically equipped Need experience Want to influence Reality shock Feeling prepared Exciting and scary
Main categories Anticipation Prepared for internship Deepened understanding Insight
Overarching theme Ready but not fully trained
  1. Each column represents an interview with subcategories, generic categories, and main categories. These two participants can represent shared patterns