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Table 1 Personal and Professional Characteristics of the 637 Participating Nurses

From: A cross-sectional study exploring the relationship between burnout, absenteeism, and job performance among American nurses

Female sex, No. (%)596 (94.5%)
Age, Mean (SD)52.3 (12.5)
Relationship status, No. (%)
 Single169 (26.8%)
 Married390 (61.9%)
 Partnered43 (6.8%)
 Widowed28 (4.4%)
Have children, No. (%)475 (75.2%)
Highest earned academic degree in or related to nursing, No. (%)
 Associate degree67 (10.9%)
 Baccalaureate degree in nursing235 (38.2%)
 Masters of science in nursing228 (37.1%)
 Doctorate of Nursing Practice or Nursing (PhD)28 (4.5%)
 Other57 (9.3%)
Hours worked past week, mean (SD)41.3 (14.1)
Years of experience working in nursing, mean (SD)25.7 (13.9)
Current practice setting, No. (%)
 Outpatient129 (21.6%)
 Community-based public health [1]60 (10.0%)
 Non-clinical, such as management49 (8.2%)
 Other207 (34.6%)
  1. 1Includes hospice, home health, and public health