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  1. Nurses in the Western world have given considerable attention to the concept of vulnerability in recent decades. However, nurses have tended to view vulnerability from an individualistic perspective, and have ...

    Authors: Laura Tomm-Bonde
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2012 11:5
  2. This paper examines the opportunity and need for lifestyle interventions for patients attending generalist community nursing services in Australia. This will help determine the scope for risk factor management...

    Authors: Bibiana C Chan, Rachel A Laws, Anna M Williams, Gawaine Powell Davies, Mahnaz Fanaian and Mark F Harris
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2012 11:4
  3. Increased survival of preterm infants in developing countries has often been accompanied by increased morbidity. A previous study found rates of severe retinopathy of prematurity varied widely between differen...

    Authors: Brian A Darlow, Andrea A Zin, Gina Beecroft, Maria EL Moreira and Clare E Gilbert
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2012 11:3
  4. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a human rights violation that is pervasive worldwide, and is particularly critical for women during the reproductive period. IPV includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse...

    Authors: Margaret E Guillery, Karen M Benzies, Cynthia Mannion and Sheila Evans
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2012 11:2
  5. Intimate partner violence (IPV) has a deep impact on women's health. Nurses working in primary health care need to be prepared to identify victims and offer appropriate interventions, since IPV is often seen i...

    Authors: Eva M Sundborg, Nouha Saleh-Stattin, Per Wändell and Lena Törnkvist
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2012 11:1
  6. The usefulness of the nutritional screening tool Minimal Eating Observation and Nutrition Form - Version II (MEONF-II) relative to Nutritional Risk Screening 2002 (NRS 2002) remains untested. Here we attempted...

    Authors: Albert Westergren, Erika Norberg and Peter Hagell
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:24
  7. Although nursing students experience a high level of stress during their training, there has been limited research on stress and its impact on the student's physical responses, such as gastrointestinal symptom...

    Authors: Eun Young Lee, Mi Suk Mun, Seon Hye Lee and Ho Soon Michelle Cho
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:22
  8. Family members of persons with pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease may experience feelings of vulnerability and insecurity as the disease follows its course. Against this background, the aim of the present stu...

    Authors: Annette Nygårdh, Kerstin Wikby, Dan Malm and Gerd Ahlstrom
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:21
  9. Objective: To determine the relative effectiveness of evidence-informed practice using two high compression systems: four-layer (4LB) and short-stretch bandaging (SSB) in community care of venous leg ulcers. Des...

    Authors: Margaret B Harrison, Elizabeth G VanDenKerkhof, Wilma M Hopman, Ian D Graham, Meg E Carley and E Andrea Nelson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:20
  10. Informal care is common in many countries, especially in Greece, where families provide care in hospitals. Health education and informational needs are important factors for family members which are often unde...

    Authors: Maria Lavdaniti, Vasilios Raftopoulos, Markos Sgantzos, Maria Psychogiou, Tsaloglidou Areti, Charikleia Georgiadou, Ismini Serpanou and Despina Sapountzi-Krepia
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:19
  11. Cancer has consequences not only for the sick person but also for those who have a close relationship with that person. Greater knowledge about how family members manage the situation in the period immediately...

    Authors: Catarina Sjolander, Berith Hedberg and Gerd Ahlstrom
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:18
  12. Prospective studies on high-risk populations, such as subgroups of health care staff, are limited, especially prospective studies among staff not on sick-leave. This paper is a report of a longitudinal study c...

    Authors: Annika Nilsson, Eva Denison and Per Lindberg
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:17
  13. High income nations are currently exhibiting increasing ethno-cultural diversity which may present challenges for nursing practice. We performed an integrative review of literature published in North America a...

    Authors: Gina MA Higginbottom, Magdalena S Richter, Ramadimetja S Mogale, Lucenia Ortiz, Susan Young and Obianuju Mollel
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:16
  14. Previous research has demonstrated that trained rescuers have difficulties achieving and maintaining the correct depth and rate of chest compressions during both in and out of hospital cardiopulmonary resuscit...

    Authors: Carolyn L Cason, Cynthia Trowbridge, Susan M Baxley and Mark D Ricard
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:15
  15. The aim of this study was to describe the nursing staff's opinion of caring for older persons with dementia with the focus on causes of falls, fall-preventing interventions, routines of documentation and repor...

    Authors: Solveig Struksnes, Margareta Bachrach-Lindström, Marie Louise Hall-Lord, Randi Slaasletten and Inger Johansson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:13
  16. The nursing staff working in psychiatric care have a demanding work situation, which may be reflected in how they view their psychosocial work environment and the ward atmosphere. The aims of the present study...

    Authors: Hanna Tuvesson, Christine Wann-Hansson and Mona Eklund
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:12
  17. Transfer techniques and lifting weights often cause back pain and disorders for nurses in geriatric care. The Kinaesthetics care conception claims to be an alternative, yielding benefits for nurses as well as ...

    Authors: Elsbeth Betschon, Michael Brach and Virpi Hantikainen
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:10
  18. Burnout among maternal healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa may have a negative effect on services provided and efforts to mitigate high maternal mortality rates. In Malawi, research on burnout is limited ...

    Authors: Viva Combs Thorsen, Andra L Teten Tharp and Tarek Meguid
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:9
  19. Pressure ulcers are a common and serious health care problem in all health care settings. Results from annual national pressure ulcer prevalence surveys in the Netherlands and Germany reveal large differences ...

    Authors: Esther Meesterberends, Ruud JG Halfens, Cornelia Heinze, Christa Lohrmann and Jos MGA Schols
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:8
  20. Current human resources planning models in nursing are unreliable and ineffective as they consider volumes, but ignore effects on quality in patient care. The project RN4CAST aims innovative forecasting method...

    Authors: Walter Sermeus, Linda H Aiken, Koen Van den Heede, Anne Marie Rafferty, Peter Griffiths, Maria Teresa Moreno-Casbas, Reinhard Busse, Rikard Lindqvist, Anne P Scott, Luk Bruyneel, Tomasz Brzostek, Juha Kinnunen, Maria Schubert, Lisette Schoonhoven and Dimitrios Zikos
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:6
  21. The Vivian Bullwinkel Oration honours the life and work of an extraordinary nurse. Given her story and that of her World War II colleagues, the topic of nursing heroism in the 21st century could not be more germa...

    Authors: Philip Darbyshire
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:4
  22. Nursing is a constant balance between strain and stimulation and work and health research with a positive reference point has been recommended. A health-promoting circumstance for subjective experience is flow...

    Authors: Åsa Bringsén, Göran Ejlertsson and Ingemar H Andersson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:3
  23. Nurses may acquire an infection during the provision of nursing care because of occupational exposure to microorganisms. Relevant literature reports that, compliance with Standard Precautions (a set of guideli...

    Authors: Georgios Efstathiou, Evridiki Papastavrou, Vasilios Raftopoulos and Anastasios Merkouris
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2011 10:1
  24. The aim of this study was to describe patients' experiences and perceived causes of persisting discomfort following day surgery. Earlier research has mainly covered symptoms and signs during a recovery period ...

    Authors: Helena I Rosén, Ingrid HE Bergh, Berit M Lundman and Lena B Mårtensson
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:16
  25. To determine the relationships of potential occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs with cancer incidence and adverse pregnancy outcomes in a historical prospective cohort study of female registered nurs...

    Authors: Pamela A Ratner, John J Spinelli, Kris Beking, Maria Lorenzi, Yat Chow, Kay Teschke, Nhu D Le, Richard P Gallagher and Helen Dimich-Ward
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:15
  26. Worldwide, multicultural interaction within health care seems to be challenging and problematic. This is also true among Primary Child Health Care nurses (PCHC nurses) in the Swedish Primary Child Health Care ...

    Authors: Anita Berlin, Lena Törnkvist and Ingrid Hylander
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:14
  27. Many Western European countries are undergoing reforms with changes in higher education according to the Bologna declaration for Higher European Education Area. In accordance with these changes, the Master's d...

    Authors: Anna Löfmark and Anna-Greta Mamhidir
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:11
  28. This paper describes both the use of and needs for informal caregivers of people with dementia, based on a questionnaire survey organized within the National Dementia Programme in the Netherlands. The National...

    Authors: José M Peeters, Adriana PA Van Beek, Julie HCM Meerveld, Peter MM Spreeuwenberg and Anneke L Francke
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:9
  29. Quantitative studies using generic and disease-specific health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaires have shown that osteoporosis-related vertebral fractures have a significant negative effect on HRQO...

    Authors: Inger Hallberg, Anna-Christina Ek, Göran Toss and Margareta Bachrach-Lindström
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:7
  30. Lifestyle risk factors, in particular smoking, nutrition, alcohol consumption and physical inactivity (SNAP) are the main behavioural risk factors for chronic disease. Primary health care (PHC) has been shown ...

    Authors: Rachel A Laws, Bibiana C Chan, Anna M Williams, Gawaine Powell Davies, Upali W Jayasinghe, Mahnaz Fanaian and Mark F Harris
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:4
  31. Practice nurses have a key role within UK general practice, especially since the 2004 GMS contract. This study aimed to describe that role, identify how professionally supported they felt and their career inte...

    Authors: Catherine A O'Donnell, Hussein Jabareen and Graham CM Watt
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:2
  32. Nurses at The Norwegian Radium Hospital have reported that some patients notice an unpleasant smell or taste in accordance with flushing of intravenous lines with commercially available prefilled syringes. We ...

    Authors: Ulf E Kongsgaard, Anders Andersen, Marina Øien, Inger-Ann Y Oswald and Laila I Bruun
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2010 9:1
  33. This paper identifies the views of Iranian clinical nurses regarding the utilization of nursing research in practice. There is a need to understand what restricts Iranian clinical nurses to use research findin...

    Authors: Mahvash Salsali and Neda Mehrdad
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2009 8:9
  34. The research on Postpartum Depression (PPD) to date suggests that there is a knowledge gap regarding women's perception of their partners' role as carer and care activities they perform. Therefore, the purpose...

    Authors: Phyllis Montgomery, Pat Bailey, Sheri Johnson Purdon, Susan J Snelling and Carol Kauppi
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2009 8:8
  35. Nausea and vomiting is a problem for children after neurosurgery and those requiring posterior fossa procedures appear to have a high incidence. This clinical observation has not been quantified nor have risk ...

    Authors: Susan M Neufeld, Christine V Newburn-Cook, Donald Schopflocher, Belinda Dundon, Herta Yu and Jane E Drummond
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2009 8:7
  36. Hands-Only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is recommended for use on adult victims of witnessed out-of-hospital (OOH) sudden cardiac arrest or in instances where rescuers cannot perform ventilations while ...

    Authors: Cynthia Trowbridge, Jesal N Parekh, Mark D Ricard, Jerald Potts, W Clive Patrickson and Carolyn L Cason
    Citation: BMC Nursing 2009 8:6

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